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After working as a pediatric speech-language pathologist for 20 years, I know your struggle with finding the right materials for your clients! Along with logging in thousands of hours of direct time with children, I probably spent an equal amount of time making my own materials or modifying materials for the specific population of children with both autism and apraxia. I don’t want you to reinvent the wheel when I already have something I know will make assessing and planning so much easier for you.

Key Features:

  • Phonemes  /h/, /b/, /m/, /n/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/, /s/, /f/, “shhh”, /o/, /i/, “ouu”, “uh”
  • Dipthongs “oy”, “ow”, “eye”
  • Consonant vowel combos: CV, VC, CVC, VCV, CVCV, VCVC
  • Small for portability*
  • Color-coded for easy organization
  • 15 categories
  • Hole for ring
  • BONUS Accessory Box including: electronic finger tally counter, timer, retractable sunflower reel, quick-release lanyard, 2 binder rings, Queen Bee pen, 2 carabiners, and neoprene hand-sanitizer keychain with refillable bottle. (free for a limited time!)
  • FREE online training through Queen Bee Academy
  • Exclusive access to Sounds to Speech Support private Facebook Group

*Custom orders for larger-sized cards for children with vision impairments may be available upon request.


Just received my Sounds to Speech cards and amazing "extras." Cannot wait to break these open, complete the Sounds to Speech training that came with my purchase!!

Amanda C.BCBA, Regional Director at Gateway Learning Group

It was all so beautifully packaged! Thank you:)

Lisa B.BCBA, ABA Program Clinical Director

Thank you Tara! I can't wait to start using these with the kiddos! Love the ring finger clicker! Such a great idea!

Claudia Z.Founder/Owner, Autism Building Blocks LLC

Additional information

Smooth Heavy-Duty Cardstock

330 gsm



Ring Hole Included
Online Training Included
Free Accessories Included

Colors may vary

Hand Sanitizer Keychain

Colors may vary


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